BTG All In One 16 Paging System

BTG All In One 16 Paging System


BTG All In One paging system uses RF wireless technology to send and receive pages. The system includes a transmitter and portable buzzer & vibration pagers.

This product has 12 months Manufacturer Warranty.



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  • 999 channels keypad call buttons
  • 16 battery charging slots
  • Portable rechargeable vibration & buzzer pager
  • Single call and group call functions
  • High receive sensitivity
  • Low power consumption design, Standby up to 20 days
  • Simple, stylish design


Working voltageDC3.7V
Charging VoltageDC7.5V
Working frequency433.92NHz
Standby current1±.05mA
Working current75±10mA (vibration + )

100±20mA (vibration + buzzer)

Receive sensitivity-117dBm±2dBm
Battery capacity250mAh
DecoderLearning code (AM)
Pager Dimensions51*104*10mm
Working voltageDC7.5V/2A power adaptor
Working frequency433.92NHz
Standby current24±.5mA
Transmit current100±30mA
EncoderLearning code (AM)


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