Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturer’s warranty includes 1 year parts and labour and it excludes dropped, abused, damaged, wear & tear, lost or missing. You can purchase extended warranty (12 & 24 months options) while purchasing your products.

All our paging systems are ‘Plug and Play’. When we ship the pagers they are fully charged, this way when you receive them you can take the system out of the shipping box, plug the transmitter into the wall and start paging. Some paging systems may not be fully charged when they arrive due to long shipping times, so we always recommend for the systems to be fully charged when you receive them.
Paging systems do not require any programming, wiring or installation, and minimal training is needed to show new staff how to operate the system. Simply key the desired pager number ont the paging transmitter and press enter to notify the pager.

All our Paging Systems are 100% expandable; there is no need to worry about not ordering enough pagers. If in the future you feel that you did not order enough pagers you can simply call us to 02 9792 4188 and order the amount of pagers you need. Your additional pagers will arrive pre-configured starting with the next pager number in sequence.

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